Some Ideas for Cooking Asparagus

It’s asparagus season… which means the start of fresh Quinn Farm produce for the year!!

As we go through our different seasons, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite ways to cook different fruits and vegetables, as well as some recipes we love from a local chef to offer you some inspiration in the kitchen!

So let’s talk about asparagus: What’s the best way to cook them? Well in fact there isn’t just one way that’s the best… So whether you want to try out a new way of cooking them OR you’ve just never had asparagus, here’s some ideas:

  • In the oven: Bake them on a tray with some oil in the oven at 425 F for around 15 minutes
  • On the barbecue: Throw them on the barbecue with some oil for 4 minutes
  • On the stove: Put them in a boiling pot of water and let them boil on the stove for 4 minutes
  • In the microwave: Add them to a bowl with a little bit of water, cover, and put in the microwave for around 8 minutes

Once your asparagus is cooked, there’s so many amazing recipes that you could follow to enjoy them. Our friend Daniel Vanson (@acanadianscooking), has provided us with these delicious and simple recipes that could help you out: