Quinn Farm’s History

Quinn Farm is family owned and operated by Phil and Stephanie Quinn who bought the farm in 2010 from Phil’s parents, Elwood and Marie Quinn.

It started in 1982 when Elwood and Marie bought 110 acres and worked hard removing small trees and shrubs in order to work the land. They started Quinn Farm by installing drainage and planting berries and sweet corn. Over the next two years their efforts were concentrated on expanding crops to include the first pumpkins, asparagus and more berries. They even installed a drip irrigation system to help conserve water, one of the first systems in the province to re-circulate tile drainage water for irrigation. In the fifth year of operation, the orchard was planted with more than 18 varieties of apples and a total of 3,800 trees. A ravine was dammed in order to form a man-made irrigation pond with 1,500 loads of soil and 2 weeks of bulldozing, resulting in a 35 million liter reservoir.

In 1990, the farm had its first major use of compost, approximately 300 tons were applied to improve the condition of the soil. To this day we continue to collect leaves and other organic matter from local municipalities and landscapers in order to make compost and apply it to our fields.

On May 2nd 1992, an old fashioned timber frame barn was built and raised by hand, which now houses the store. Recycled barn timbers and wood were used as much as possible and family and friends helped in its design, cutting, raising and finishing.

In the mid 1990’s the first Christmas trees were planted with 1,600 Balsam Fir trees and over the years we’ve continued to plant thousands more and different varieties. Since Christmas trees take so long to grow, the Quinn Farm technique was developed to speed it up: Customers are asked to leave one or two branches on the stump when cutting their tree, which allows them to grow back in 4 to 5 years instead of taking 8 years. 

In 2006 another barn raising took place with family and friends in order to build the Animal Barn. All of the wood in this barn was harvested from the forest on the farm and handmade as an old fashioned timber frame building. The barn now houses a variety of animals, such as chickens, pigs and sheep, and is host to many rare breed animals.

In May of 2009 Phil & Steph gave birth to Keith Andrew Quinn, beginning the 3rd generation of Quinn’s on this farm. In January 2012, their second son was born, Alexander Arthur Quinn. They already love to work on the farm, and have beautiful projects in mind for the future! 

In 2016, an expansion to the main building was done, allowing for a much larger store, kitchen and storage spaces. Our vast farm shop now features some amazing goodies, such as our own produce, homemade pastries and a variety of local products.

In 2019, the 100 acre land next door was bought, which helped double the Quinn Farm acreage. Over the past years, Phil and his team have worked hard at planting additional crops, to bring even more variety to our customers.

Today, Quinn Farm stands at over 200 acres and hosts around 100,000 visitors a year. We’re forever grateful for our history and how it has led us to where we are today!