Our Activities and U-Picks

We offer a variety of activities and u-pick throughout the year, so why not talk a little bit more about them! 

  • Maple syrup experience: We kick off the year with our maple experience which is a guided tour that showcases the creation of maple syrup and ends with a delicious taffy on snow.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Our Easter egg hunt is a unique activity for kids where they get to catch chocolate eggs from chutes and meet the Easter bunny. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy some fresh air and take a walk around the farm!
  • Baby animals and sheep shearing weekend: A wonderful May activity, this weekend features a variety of baby animals and sheep shearing demonstrations throughout the day.
  • Asparagus: Our asparagus is our first vegetable of the year, available in store and we promise it won’t disappoint!
  • Strawberries: The first u-pick of the year! What could be more fun than getting to pick your own strawberries (and eat plenty while you’re at it too)!
  • Vegetables: Our summer season has a variety of vegetables for picking, most notably peas, beans, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers.
  • Blueberries: Another summer staple, our blueberry season rolls around in mid-july and is the perfect summer activity.
  • Corn: Who doesn’t love a yummy corn on the cob covered in butter during the summer! Not only do we offer our three corns (white, yellow and two colored) in the store, you can even pick them yourself!
  • Apples: The best way to kick off our busy fall season is with over 20 varieties of apples for sale in our store and available for picking!
  • Pumpkins & Squash: With so many different varieties available, you’re sure to find one to eat, or even just to decorate!
  • Trick or treat activity: Our trick or treat activity is similar to our Easter egg hunt: Enjoy a walk around the farm where your little ones get to catch halloween chocolates and candies from chutes. Oh, and don’t forget your costumes!
  • Popcorn: One of our lesser known picking activities, popcorn picking allows you to take the corn cobs straight from the fields, pop the kernels off and make your own popcorn at home!
  • Christmas trees: Our last picking of the year, where you get to cut your own christmas tree! What a great way to start a new family tradition.

Make sure to check out our “plan your visit” page for more information about our current activities!